GTA San Andreas - Ultimate Editor

GTA San Andreas - Ultimate Editor

Ultimate Editor can edit nearly every aspect of San Andreas, and has an inbuilt trainer which can also be edited.
It can edit weapon stats, Game code, Game cheats, IMG files, Txd file, Gxt files, Install Mods, View Mods, Pedestrian editor, Store Editor, Vehicle Editor, Weapon Editor, Inventory Editor.
You name it, the Ultimate Editor will most probably have it.

GTA San Andreas - Ultimate Editor
author ThaKilla

DFF Exporter ( 3ds Max plugin ) GTA SA TOOL

DFF Exporter ( 3ds Max plugin ) GTA SA TOOL

Here's a DFF exporter I wrote myself. Supports GTA III, GTA VC and GTA SA models (PC only).
The binaries were developed with the 3ds max C++ SDK and can be accessed through File > Export.

Sample screenshot:

( The vehicle in the screenshot has already been released & is available at gtainside. )

This tool doesn't offer major breakthroughs.
Kam's scripts and Zmodeler2 have been around for a while and most of the stuff they can't do has since been made possible through tools like DexX's SAGFX, Deniska's Maxscripts or Steve M's CollEditor 2.
Well MOST but not everything.

So here's some of the new stuff you can do with this tool:
(a) Export non-zero vertex alpha. Applies for both normal and night vertex colors.
(b) Store face data as Tristrip. Two algorithms supplied.
© No need to waste time manually detaching smooth groups to ensure that hard edges aren't lost in the model.
The tool does all the dirty work while leaving the original objects in your scene intact.
You can also leave the modifier stack uncollapsed.
(d) Possible to export more than 1 hierarchy at the same time (in case you want to generate a multiclump file).
(e) All four car colors.

And there's support for both UV maps, UV anim export, lights and night vertex colors.
Nothing new there but could be handy to have everything in the same interface.
In general, I hope this is a more robust tool that gives fewer buggy models.

See the readme for more information.

Credit is due to guys who evaluated this tool and also those who uncovered the file format (didn't do any investigation myself). Thanks to fastman92, DexX, The Hero, RESpawn, Kam, Deniska, Steve-M and everybody else who contributed to format information on

DFF Exporter ( 3ds Max plugin ) GTA SA TOOL

Alci's IMG Editor v1.5 GTA SA TOOL

Alci's IMG Editor v1.5 GTA SA TOOL

This is an useful IMG editor - a combination of Spark and IMG Tool.
This tool can only be used with the GTA San Andreas archive format (no GTA 3 and GTA Vice City support so far!).

Here are the features:



You can rebuild your img archive.



The standard import feature. You can import one or more items into the .img file.


Import and remove

Before importing, the tool checks if the item is already in the img archive and delete it.
This is very useful, if you want insert many items, because you don't need delete the items by yourself.



The standard export feature. You can export one or more items out of the .img file.



You can rename an item in the img archive.



You can search for items inside the img archive.


Search dialog

This is very useful! With this dialog you can search for files. It works like the Windows search.
You need just select the directory, and all *.txd and *.dff files, which are inside this directory, will be shown you in a list. Then you can select the items which you want to insert. The search is recursive. The founded items will be inserted with the 'import and remove' feature.


Export as list

You can export the content of the img file into a list - that's only useful, if you want to create your own 'compare'-files.



You can compare your current img file with an compare-file. The compare-file is a file, in which are all possible img entries of an img file are listed per each line. This is useful, if you want check that your img file hasn't missing entries (and so the game should not crash!). You can create your own compare-files with the 'export as list' feature. I also have provided the compare-files for all gta img-files with this tool (see in the compare-folder).



You can reload the current opened img file - sometimes it can be useful.


Alci's IMG Editor v1.5 GTA SA TOOL
author Alci

GTA SA recoverer TOOL

GTA SA recoverer TOOL

For those who may have been looking for this program.
It helps you recover a specific file folder GTA San Andreas.

GTA SA recoverer TOOL
author TDO

GTA SA Tools : CSM : Cleo Spawner Maker

GTA SA Tools : CSM : Cleo Spawner Maker


Just a simple software (Tool of gta sa)
do you want to make cleo spawner ? its easy

now you can make spawner (like a cheat) very easy, you can make all of vehicle in gta sa.
try this software.

GTA SA Tools : CSM : Cleo Spawner Maker
author ikhsanfathur
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