GTA SA Mod Mix Sets v1.8.2

GTA SA Mod Mix Sets v1.8.2


A simple mod cleo and an extensive .ini file with hundreds fixes and tweaks for you to configure and improve your GTA SA.


Change : v1.8.2
Added the function not derail trains when running with them. (DisaTrainDerail) - Created and indicated by Wesser
Added the function FixWaterSquare (workaround yet) - retired from THIS mod.
Fixed the pre-settings, which made the stencil shadows invisible and broken cars with lights on (added warnings about the lights in VehLghtEngnOff function)
Re-added the pre-setting "Only important fixes".

If you do not want to reconfigure your .ini, install only the .cs file and add anywhere inside .ini these two lines:

DisaTrainDerail = 0 ; Disables the derailment of trains.
You can put "2" to force the activation (then you can renable it inside the game). (By Wesser)
FixWaterSquare = 0 ; Fixes the light square on the water around you.
WARNING: THIS IS YET A WORKAROUND, WILL DISABLE VISUALLY THE WAVES OF THE GAME. No gameplay is affected, it's just a visual change.
The movement of water textures remain. (By Junior_Djjr)

And if ShadowOpacity is "0", leave "-1"
Leave "0" in VehLghtEngnOff to fix broken cars with lights on.

Also since they are not all people who use DK's black roads fix, as well as if you use TxdGen to put mipmaps in all the game will already automatically fix the black roads, the pre-settings will come with "blackroadsfix" disabled not to leave your roads with aliased textures. If you use DK's black roads fix, enable it.

DK's black roads fix

TxdGen to put mipmaps in all the game


20% increase of FPS without losses.
More FPS increasing functions, like clouds deactivation, motion blur etc.
Stream Memory Fix up to 2 GB which can enter how many MB you want.
Traffic much more intense.
More pedestrians and more realistic appearances.
Shadows of cars and pedestrians appearing from afar.
Rounder tire marks, near to the ground and take longer to fade.
You can enable/disable dozens of things the GTA, as limits of heights, various effects of rain, the wheel movements etc. Or set up dozens more like speed propellers, effects of car headlights, brake force, FPS limit etc.
Disable shadows or grass of Medium/High/VeryHigh
Dozens of corrections in which do not make sense not to use in your GTA.
All easily configurable by the .ini file

-- All actual functions --
(inside of .ini file have all descriptions of each configuration, and more credits)

Functions for the mod itself:
Enable/disable Mix Sets
Time delay for activation of Mix Sets
Command to reload in-game the configuration file
Language of Mix Sets warnings in game
Check if the version of your .exe is compatible (Crack 1.0 US of Hoodlum or Crack 1.0 US Compact of Listener)
Enable the auto reload of ini file (invisible)
Time delay to ini file be auto reloaded
Limit the auto reload of some functions thats is not recomended to reload in game
Functions for the GTA SA:
(functions added in v1.8 is starting at 109)
Stream memory usage in MBs (basically MemoryFix, but now you can enter how many MBs of RAM you want to use in GTA SA (up to 2 GBs))
Frame Delay (increases FPS), by setting this value to 0, will increase up to 20% of FPS of your GTA SA (some mods like SilentPatch and Stream INI Extender already have this)
FPS limit for your GTA stay when enable the FPS limiter in the game menu
Disables the limit wheel bend less when the car runs over (great for drift and joysticks!)
Disables cheats
Disables crosshairs
Disables replays
Disables limit flying height
Disables height limit of jetpack
Disables stats notifications
Disables first person camera after a while stopped with the player
Disables people talking to you
Interior's songs off
Force all cars to get to the headlight on even if day
Force effect of water on the screen (as underwater)
Set size of the health bar (up to 45% higher)
Speed of the car wheel turning
Configure average power brake cars
Set speed of the propellers of helicopters and airplanes
Set up movement speed of helicopters
Fix disappearing pedestrians when stop looking at them
Fix to don't reload the weapon when your change (scroll)
Reactivation of the cheat cars walk on water (type "GALILE")

Fix of "blackroads" looming on the horizon (also works with complement for DK's BlackRoadsFix)
DK's BlackRoadsFix Link

Correction mouse stop working after pause/unpause the game (+correction of sensitivity)
Fix the game fails to load objects of high quality while flying
Fix of the wheel of the car to get back straight after exiting the car
Fix when changing the car paintjob his color back to white
Fix of the cars do not light the lights with the engine off
Switch the camera on the train like on cars (like the mod TrainCamFix)
Cars do not explode when flip
Configure when health people will miss when the car is flipped
Distance vision of LOD model (Low Object Detail) of vehicles
Distance the car disappear when you're looking at him
Size of area for pedestrians appear
Absolute distance to the pedestrian disappear while looking at him
Normal distance to the pedestrian disappear while looking at him
Draw distance for pedestrians
Percentage of pedestrians appearing
Density of pedestrians 1
Density of pedestrians 2
Density of vehicles (traffic)
Maximum distance for grass appears
Minimum distance for grass appears
Distance to beach towels appear on the screen
Distance to beach towels appear off screen
Time for the pedestrian "stay down" after dying (bug fixes pedestrian stay floating after dying)
Time for pedestrians stay on the ground after death (unfortunately, the blood disappears before)
Disables lensflare
Disables motion blur of nitro
Disables motion blur while running with the car
Disables vertigo while the car runs MUCH
Turn off heat effects
Disables textures
Disables dynamic shadows (medium+) of pedestrian
Disables dynamic shadows (medium+) on the map and cars
Enables static shadows (low) in vehicles
Opacity of the dynamic shadows
Size pickups (+ bug fire the jetpack and get nitro colored lol)
Disables effect of 3D/fog when looking from the side of a car and you see a "triangle" in front headlight (bonus: fixes 2 sided faces)
Corona's texture of car headlights
Opacity of the corona car headlights
Force cars always stay with low(short) headlight
Filter license plate (get smooth plate)
Filter of CJ textures, shadows and menu
Min filter of textures
Max filter of textures
Lighting of vehicles
Brightness of vehicles
Multiplication of illumination of cars created by the flashlights (usually by mods)
X position of the vehicle specular lighting
Y position of the vehicle specular lighting
Z position of the vehicle specular lighting
Disables speed limit of Hydra
Set the wait time for a missile reload in Hydra
Set the wait time for a flare reload in Hydra
Set the wait time for the aim lock
Roadblock's vehicle model of 4 stars
Roadblock's vehicle model of 5 stars
Roadblock's vehicle model of 6 stars
Freeze such weather
Ignore the water (you can drive, fly, walk underwater as if it did not exist)
Disables fake planes (thoose white lines in the sky)
Disables health indicator of some ped when you aim to it
Limit the porcentage of speed of traffic cars (to don't have crazy drivers)
Bullet proof for all vehicles (tires deflates yet)
Fire proof for all vehicles
Collision/Damage proof for all vehicles
Explosion proof for all vehicles
Disables the reflection of cull zones, like mirror in the shops (this will fix a bug that the textures bugs when minimize the game in a interior)
Fix the trailers and bikes exploding
Set the distance to trains disappears
Disables noise effect of goggles (night and thermal vision)
Disable the grass of Medium/High/VeryHigh
Disables volumetric clouds (those extremely heavy that give much lag (remain other clouds))
Disables normal clouds (small)
Disables water stream when rain, those "clouds" of water everywhere
Disables noise effect in the screen when rain
Disables sand (of sandstorms)
Disables rain streaks
Force spawns in CAR Section in IPL (for advanced users)
Size of corona headlight's
Disable camera when you here entering in a interior
Forces you to have to release the brake button and press again to so engage the reverse gear (mod by LINK/2012)
Same as 86, but for in missions
Same as 86, but for in races (missions and submissions of game)
The game does not pause when you come back after minimize (alt+tab)
Viewing distance of the shadows of vehicles
Viewing distance of the shadows of pedestrians
Viewing distance of the shadows of small planes
Viewing distance of the shadows of big planes
Viewing distance of the car headlights
Tire marks refresh rate (which may make them more rounded)
Height of tire marks (drift marks)
Fade start of the super short tire marks
Fade end of the super short tire marks
Fade start of the short tire marks
Fade end of the short tire marks
Fade start of the medium tire marks
Fade end of the medium tire marks
Fade start of the long tire marks
Fade end of the long tire marks
Fade start of the thread marks
Fade end of the thread marks
Minimum distance for pedestrians appear
Lift speed of the Dumper, Forklift etc
Fix the light square in the water around you (print) - Still using a workaround for this.
Not derail trains.

Bonus: From v1.6, you can add new functions without need to know programming etc

In the .ini file there are all simplified details of each function for any person to understand (or not)
In the download have several pre-settings of ini files to you choose (if you are lazy)


GTA SA Mod Mix Sets v1.8.2
author: Junior_Djjr and GTA Forums Community
Mainly: Deji, DK, DeXx, Fabio, LINK/2012, Sacky, ThirteenAG, Wesser, MTA developers and other guys of GTA Forums Community that shared memory addresses... And beta testing in BMS's Forum: Lcs07, KarapTeloS, Meg, 3xt3rm1n4d0r, SpeedTrap, .Blok, Gabriel, Elyzandro.

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