GTA SA Real Traffic Fix v1.1.2

GTA SA Real Traffic Fix v1.1.2

You should not be happy with the current "traffic fix" does not it?
Now it's my turn to try to create one, one that REALLY fix the donkey traffic of GTA SA
(this picture above shows very well what the mod does)

Physical force - Created by LINK / 2012, this will make all cars have physical while driving on the streets, so they will no longer be as "trains riding on rails", they will drive like real cars, using laws of physical, avoiding THIS kind of thing, and car possibilities skid when cornering at high speed, slow down on climbs and fast downhill etc.

Smart obstacle detection - The longer your car is running, the more it will detect things that are further away from it.
Also, the driver will be more "fearful" and even that will brake the obstacles are not exactly in front of his car etc, causing a slow-down effect if it is close to an obstacle.
Also the check of obstacle if the car is cornering

Realistic braking - Unlike other traffic fix, this is a realistic brake, and the more speed, more will brakes.
Detail: The mod does not remove the accidents, it only prevents! to be realistic

Acceleration in free street - The cars will accelerate increasingly (in a limit) if it has no car in front of him, giving a very cool effect where some cars go faster than others etc, a non-constant speed

More courage - Unlike spoken in "smart obstacle detection", the cars also have more courage, such as the car will pass even if he has 5 inches of space, unlike before that even with 1 meter of space and they even stopped the car

No excessive panic - himself GTA SA has the function that forces the cars to crash one in the other, to give a greater sense of panic (such as you shoot them etc.), the mod disables it doing they only run more, but without forcing the crashes

Deceleration in curves - When the vehicle turns, it will decrease the speed, avoiding very fast curves

Fix of cars stuck in the ground - It fixes all the cars that are stuck in the ground, usually by lag etc

Street elevations detection - If have some elevation the car will slow down
.ini file configurable to leave the mod the way you want, including a test mode to facilitate the configuration
(the mod does NOT remove the traffic on both sides of the highway and / or changing the track cars, but I'm trying to disable the cars changing range (by choice in .ini)

- The cars will not run over on highways, they will drive slowly.
On the other hand they will accelerate and run more if the highway is clean
- The unreal curves were removed, on the other hand, this will cause the big vehicles like trucks may have difficulties in making some very sharp curves


(In the end of video shows how it works)
(the mod was improved after this video)

Real Traffic Fix vs Auto Traffic Fix:
Auto Traffic Fix: 3 lines to check obstacles ahead of the car that detect vehicles at 15 meters forward and within a radius of 3 meters
Real Traffic Fix: 3 lines to checks obstacles, 1 front and 2 leaving of the sides of the cars controlled by the steering wheel, the distance and radius varies the car's speed, the radius also varies by the width of the vehicle, the start and end points of the line varies by height from the ground, different from the other that if the front of the vehicle is facing up, the mod will search cars in the sky
Auto Traffic Fix: If an obstacle, the car stops
Real Traffic Fix: If an obstacle, the car brakes, the faster are, more will brake
Auto Traffic Fix: Detects vehicles
Real Traffic Fix: Detects vehicles, people, objects and elevations in the streets

I recommend to use this mod with Cars Divert

I recommend to use this mod with Mix Sets to increase the number of cars in street like in the video

GTA SA Real Traffic Fix v1.1.2
author Junior_Djjr

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