GTA SA Autumn Sunshine

GTA SA Autumn Sunshine

Autumn Sunshine — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season.

In mod you can see dynamic falling leaves, and already fallen leaves on the pavement and grass: in squares, forest, on the roads...
You can see autumn trees — yellow, orange, red and, sometimes, still green, as always in warm autumn.
Fog in the morning and in the evening.
Special atmosphere sounds: cawing of crows in the morning and, sometimes, subtle rustling of the wind...

Also in mod is using ENBSeries graphic library that is specially configured for mod (using of palette makes the image more pleasing); with special menu users can easily configure graphic for their computer.

Mod, as it was said, have a lot of gameplay features: wild animals in nature (this feature came to mod from mods-precursors — Spring Season and Endless Summer — but have been improved and expanded; for example, in autumn mod was added a new animal — the coyote, you can find it in the desert; also you can meet two species of wolves, two species of bears, foxes; you can see your friends hunters with their dog and near the farms you can see chickens and roosters); hunting; ability to buy Hunter's House...
In the Angel Pine village you can visit the exhibition of biggest vegetables in the state.

Autumn for many people also associated with Halloween.
Residents of the state are preparing for this holiday and arrange pumpkins and other festive decorations near their homes.
You can dress in Halloween costume and when it considers that it is time to start the holiday, you can set the costumes for residents just in one click with new special menu!

And these — not all features of the mod!

Autumn Sunshine offers a wealth of innovations related to the autumn season, and you can spend a lot of wonderful moments with this beautiful mod.

GTA SA Autumn Sunshine
authors : Flame, izerli and Black Stallion.

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