GTA SA Spring Season 2.0

GTA SA Spring Season 2.0

Is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas.
This mod adds to game some graphic enhancements and new gameplay features.

All changes designed to show the offensive of the spring season, to dip player into the atmosphere of blossoming nature.
In this mod you can see: flowering trees, spring short grass, redesigned textures of some part of countryside, sounds of nature (singing birds; and day, and night have special variant of sound), in some places you can see the people who had a picnic by the fire, on the streets you can see more pedestrians, in rainy weather people walk with umbrellas, in the countryside appeared roosters and chickens (at certain times of the day you can even hear the cock-a-doodle-doo!).

Also: rains more frequently, and with thunder; some water bodies are overflowed; ENBSeries library with special settings and menu for change configuration (settings are made ​in several versions for computers of different power).

One of the most important innovations of mod — the hunting.
You can hunt to a wolves (two species). Hunting can be conducted jointly with the hunters, which can sometimes be meet in the forest with dog. Hunters, like all animals, not replace standard characters.

GTA SA Spring Season 2.0
authors : Flame, izerli and Black Stallion.

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