Left 4 Theft San Andreas Version 3.1

Left 4 Theft San Andreas Version 3.1

Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
The mods is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas.
Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

Mod Summary

The mod features 4 game modes:
Free Mode
Fortress Mode
Exploration Mode

Each mode is unique and features its own type of gameplay.

- Survival -
In the survival mode you will be dropped in one of the many locations throughout San Andreas where you will face endless waves of zombies.
A wave contains around 20 zombies, each wave the zombies will get a little stronger.
After 5 waves you'll get a refill for your basic weapons and after every 10th wave you'll get a more powerfull weapon like a sniper rifle or M4.

- Free Mode -
The free mode is by far the biggest part of the mod.
Almost all hours of development have been dedicated to this mode.
In the free mode you'll be able to explore San Andreas in the zombie apocalypse.
You can choose to help out people, join factions, do missions or simply go shoot the hell out of some zombies!

- Fortress Mode -
The fortress mode requires the player to keep his or her leader alive.
With the ability to place items around the area and purchase upgrades, the player has to keep his leader alive by fending of the incoming attacks.
Build up a fortress and protect your leader and yourself against the zombie horde!

- Exploration Mode -
The latest addition to Left 4 Theft is the exploration mode.
Fully powered by random encounters the player has to scavenge for food, salvage, items and weapons to stay alive and upgrade his camp.
In the middle of the wildernis the player can encounter anything.
Explore the area, build up a camp and stay alive as long as you can.

Left 4 Theft San Andreas Version 3.1

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