[ REL | ASI | GTA SA ] GInput . asi . v1.10a

[ REL | ASI | GTA SA ] GInput . asi . v1.10a



This modification features:
Complete XInput support, so pads are mapped to match console versions perfectly (including Start button, which can't be mapped on PC version without this modification).
Proper vibration support - something that was cut from all PC versions of the game!
FIVE (TWO in San Andreas) different control mappings - four setups matching PS2 selectable setups and fifth one being a recreation of GTA IV controls!
Pad buttons in In-Game helps, replacing PC key names (depending on user's choice, either PlayStation or XBOX buttons are shown).
An INI file with tons of options - including toggleable vibration, selecting controls setup, Invert Look option from console versions, axis inversion options from San Andreas and more!
Automatic switching between keyboard & mouse and pad controls, basing on last device input.
Support for Guide/PS button. The button is fully functional and can show your Steam Overlay menu if you launched the game via Steam!
Cheats input from the pad. Use classic PS2 cheats on PC!
Full co-op support in San Andreas - the game can make full use of two pads or bind the first pad to second player, so co-op can be played even if only one pad is connected.
Increased support for DualShock 3 controllers and SCP Driver Package - including pressure sensitive buttons and SIXAXIS accelerometers.



The changes take effect automatically, no need to toggle anything when the game is launched.

Supported games

GTA III 1.0 (all versions)
GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version)
GTA VC 1.0 (all versions)
GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version)
GTA SA 1.0 (all versions)


Deji - original GInput for San Andreas - huge inspiration for myself!
Ash_735 - testing, complete art support
Bugbear Entertainment - Steering Sensitivity option

[ REL | ASI | GTA SA ] GInput . asi . v1.10a

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