GTA SA Physical Cages Mod v0.5 (Physical clips) Weapon Mods

GTA SA Physical Cages Mod v0.5 (Physical clips) Weapon Mods

This modification makes it possible to disengage from any store weapons in the charge exchange (except shotguns, since they do not have stores). Involved such weapons as:
1) Colt 45
2) Colt 45 with Silencer
3) M4
4) MP5
5) AK 47
6) Desert Eagle
7) Tec 9
8) Uzi

Features fashion:
- Each store has its own collision
- Each store had fallen dynamic
- As in life, you can throw off the yoke height or drown in water
- Uncoupling enchanted by animation
- Looks nice from 1 person

Cons fashion:
- With the rapid movement of the store is "detached from weapons"
- Mod adds too many objects
- Two-handed weapon is not yet supported
- Do not possible to decouple pedov shops
- Pick up weapons without shops

As you can see, while the cons as much and pluses, but it will be corrected.


Install on a clean GTA SA, modifications can be put on top of that do not add any objects.

1) Install the library CLEO 4
2) Scatter all the files in folders and confirm the replacement
3) Replace all files from gta3.img gta3.img file using any program, such as Alchi's IMG Editor

Possible adaptation of weapons under this modification. The video below:

Physical Cages Mod Adapting weapons
In this video you will learn how to adapt their weapons to the modification of Physical Cages Mod (Physical clips).

GTA SA Physical Cages Mod v0.5 (Physical clips) Weapon Mods
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