GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.4

GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.4


how to install
requires ASI Loader


modloader.asi → add files in GTA San Andreas folder
modloader folder → add files in GTA San Andreas folder


Among the modloader folder. is an example.


Mod Loader v0.2.4

・Added IDE refresher.
・Added AUDIO/STREAMS/, TrakLkUp.dat and StrmPaks.dat overriders.
・Added stream.ini merger.
・Added profiles, a feature to let you have different mod setups with easy switching between them or even automatic (See modloader/.data/ for details).
・Wildcards support has been expanded plus not only the IgnoreFiles list support wildcards but the others too.
・IPL and IDE files given to modloader NEED to be registered in gta.dat like before, the not needing approach was error-prone.
・Restored the -mod command line and also added the -modprof command line to load a profile. (See modloader/.data/Command Line for details).
・The -mod command line allows the user to specify a priority now.
・Fixed non-GENRL wave files not being installed properly.
・Other minor fixes.


GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.4
author LINK/2012

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