ReShade for GTA San Andreas

ReShade for GTA San Andreas

ReShade is in public BETA and thus not guaranteed to work and may get you banned in multiplayer games. Use at your own risk! Make sure you read the above page before downloading and please do not distribute the DLLs yourself during the beta. And in case you didn't, let's clarify the following again: ReShade is NOT SweetFX 2.0. It's an injector and framework to load and apply effects everywhere. SweetFX 2.0 is built on top of ReShade's shader language, it's not one and the same thing.

First download is for shader developers and comes with a detailed example on how to get started with ReShade's shading language.

ReShade image 1

ReShade image 2

GTA San Andreas is supported.
Also, it seems possible to use in combination with SweetFX.

Please try. ❤

ReShade for GTA San Andreas
ReShade Official Homepage

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