GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.3

GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.3


how to install
requires ASI Loader


modloader.asi → add files in GTA San Andreas folder
modloader folder → add files in GTA San Andreas folder


Among the modloader folder. is an example.


The In-Game menu is ready to be used (go into Options > Mod Configuration). (make sure it's enabled from modloader/.data/config.ini, EnableMenu=true).
Automatic refreshing implemented, meaning changes on modloader/ directory are detected automatically while you play.
The refresh key (by default F4) has been removed in consequence of the addition of the menu and automatic refreshing.
Implemented weapon.dat merger and readme reader.
Implemented ar_stats.dat, animgrp.dat, ped.dat, pedstats.dat, pedgrp.dat, cargrp.dat, melee.dat, statdisp.dat, shopping.dat, surface.dat, surfinfo.dat, surfaud.dat, object.dat, procobj.dat and decision makers merger.
Implemented clothes.dat, furnitur.dat, fonts.dat, roadblox.dat, tracks.dat, tracks2.dat, tracks3.dat and tracks4.dat overrider.
Removed the -mod command-line, something better than that will come up later (-nomods is still available!).
Fixed no date-time in the load game menu screen.
Other minor fixes


GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.3
author LINK/2012

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