[ REL | GTA SA ] SkyGfx : PS2 graphics for PC version 1.5a

[ REL | GTA SA ] SkyGfx : PS2 graphics for PC version 1.5a


how to install
requires ASI Loader


skygfx.asi → add files in GTA San Andreas folder
skygfx.ini → add files in GTA San Andreas folder
stream.ini → replace files in GTA San Andreas folder


SkyGfx : PS2 graphics for PC version 1.5a

SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2) brings accurate PS2 graphics to the PC version of San Andreas.

This is a replacement for my earlier PS2 mods, namely: ps2refl.asi, postfx.asi, ps2shads.asi (low quality shadows), ps2grass.asi.
REMOVE them first before using SkyGfx.

How to install, requirements, notes:
- Use a compact or hoodlum exe
- Use an ASI loader and place both skygfx.asi and skygfx.ini where it will find them.
- You should use SilentPatch Link

- If you're using SilentPatch, set TwoPassRendering=0 there if you're using dualPassWorld=1 in SkyGfx (i.e. DO NOT enable dual pass in both plugins). You can also disable Silent's night vertex color shader with NVCShader=0, SkyGfx has a (better :p) replacement.
- If you're not using SilentPatch, use a PS2 timecyc.dat or any timecycp.dat
- for a description of the many settings, see the comments in skygfx.ini
- Since the PC vehicles don't work too well with the PS2 reflections (too much reflection), you should use my PS2 vehicles for PC Link
- To get the big PS2 sun, use the seabed.ipl from the PS2 game (reduces draw distance)

To do:
- golden car bug
- exploded vehicle reflection bug
- thermal vision

If you experience any bugs, please make sure it is really this mod causing them and not some other.
Otherwise report them in this thread of course.

Credits: NTAuthority and Silent for their code and being generally helpful.
Dexx. Everyone who reported bugs and spotted differences to the PS2 graphics, especially format.


ENB OFF screen shot



[ REL | GTA SA ] SkyGfx : PS2 graphics for PC version 1.5
author The Hero

Click here to download version 1.5
And here for the source code

version 1.5a
DL Link

Hatsune Miku Innocent GTA SA SKIN Mods

Hatsune Miku Innocent GTA SA SKIN Mods







Hatsune Miku Innocent GTA SA SKIN Mods
author xXNekoChanOfDoomXx

Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA v2.0

Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA v2.0






The new version of the mod, the development of which lasted several years.
It added a few new models and animations, refined arena, and carefully designed scripting part, allowing improved battle system and new opportunities.
Were also corrected all the errors that were found.
And finally added something that was lacking in previous versions - music during fights.

In the archive you will find all necessary information about fashion, installation instructions, a list of buttons to control and a description of what has been corrected and added in this version.

• New models Kenshi and Reina.
• Alternate costumes for Sector-human and human-Cyrax (classic ninja suits).
• Music during the fighting and missions. All soundtracks taken from the original game series Mortal Kombat.
• voiced blows special moves. In addition, the use of special moves against ordinary pedestrians, they will emit a scream.
• Returned some external scripts. Now you can buy food and drinks in vending machines, work out in the gym, play at the casino and use a parachute.
• Returned to the mission where you have to fight on the bridge with the ninja, and then with Quan Chi and his skeletons. Available after the passage of the mission of the Night Wolf.
• Added mission Sheng Tsung. Need to fight with a warlock, took the form of Liu Kang. Becomes available after the passage of the mission Kung Lao. The marker is located on an abandoned runway in the desert.
• Other less significant innovations.

Walk mode:
Now you can walk around the city, playing for any character.
To activate this mode, press and hold 2.
You can choose a character and then the area in which to move the player.
But you can not move and stay in the same place.
To turn off, press and hold 2.
It also shuts down if the player dies or is arrested.
Warning: there is a bug in the game.
If playing for some character other than Jonah, you go to the interior, the game will crash or player model will be distorted.
But this can be avoided.
If at first to come to visit the interior of playing for Jonah, then after that the other characters, too, can easily enter the building.

Ability of the characters:
• New models of weapons.
Now Cyrax and Cyber ​​Sub-Zero will throw bombs, the Branch will shoot the red rocket, and Kung Lao - to throw his hat. In China, Milena and Jade reception "jars forward" replaced by throwing weapons.
China will throw his iron fan, Milena - Sai and Jade - razorang.
In Cyrax laser is shot instead shot a circular saw.
• Instead of receiving "kick" Milena now new - teleportation.
Milena sink into the ground, and then appear in the air over the place and a blow-footed opponent if he is close enough.
• Instead of the same reception Barack appeared punch blades.
• Do Kenshi instead of pulling the opponent will telekinetic blow.
• As in the mode of walking Quan Chi can not use the ability to learn from the ability of the enemy, instead of it in this mode, it will have the ability to select weapon (if any) of the person standing in front of him.
• Some characters appeared voice.
Usually it sounds when a player uses a weapon, kills someone during any special moves or when the opponent falls from a height.
These characters include Shao Kahn, Sonya Blade, Kitana, Jade, Milena, Jax, Scorpion, Raine and John Cage.
• mode of flight is now not the button 9, and 8, but is disconnected and 8 and 9 and by pressing the Enter.
This mode now has not only Jonah, but also some other characters - Raiden, Sindel, Ermak and Gaza.
• Tumble in the fall.
When a player drops after the special moves of the enemy, press and hold the "back flip» (num5 or;).
Player kuvyrnёtsya and stand on your feet soon.
This is not possible at Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn.
• In addition, Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn will no longer animation rapid rise after falling.
They will wake up as well as ordinary people.
• Now, activating at Sheng Tsung conversion mode (button -), you can simply press the = and the sorcerer will automatically be reincarnated in a random character.
But the opportunity to enter the number to be converted to the desired fighter also remained.
• Diversity in the final rack.
Characters will now perform different animations, but in some they are the same.
• Now some shots can be saved if a seat.
• Characters received even more unique - now they have a difference in speed of some animations.
For example, Milena and Frost fastest strike blows, cyborgs and reptiles run a little faster than normal people, and Jax, and Stryker Shiva slowest doing somersault back after a fall.

• Added arena "Temple of Heaven" instead of arena "ship."
• Improved arena "Kuantan" and "acid bath".
• Arena "career" is replaced by the arena "Cemetery".
• Arena "Mansion" is replaced by the arena "Misty district" (the place where during the second tournament had to fight with Cyrax and Sector).
• The weather will match the terrain on which the battle is conducted.

Added settings menu (F4)
Camera - enable / disable the mode in which the camera shows from the times when you pursue the enemy cast, uppercut, roundhouse kick, or if the opponent falls from a height.
Layfbara - you can turn off the strips of life during the battle.
Music - will be a menu where you can set the way to play music in combat mode (not in the missions), or disable it altogether.
Accidentally - in the arena will be played Randomnaya music. Consistently - music will be played in alphabetical order.
To fix - at each stage will have its own music (it was originally set to this mode.)
Optional - before the fight will go out with a list of the names of the tracks.
If you press the "Sprint", you can listen to the selected music.
Music volume
The volume of other sounds (mostly voice characters)
Health opponent
Wanted - if disabled, the mode walks the cops will not pay attention to what you are doing special moves.

Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA v2.0


Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA

Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA

GTA SA EFLC TBoGT Albany Police Stinger

GTA SA EFLC TBoGT Albany Police Stinger

copcarvg.dff → replace files in gta3.IMG
copcarvg.txd → replace files in gta3.IMG

copcarvg.dff 1,574KB
copcarvg.txd 0,793KB












GTA SA EFLC TBoGT Albany Police Stinger
author Automan

GeForce Hotfix driver 350.05

GeForce Hotfix driver 350.05

This is a GeForce Hot Fix driver, version 350.05 that addresses the following issues:

Battlefield Hardline - crash with Direct X error message on some systems

Dragon Age: Inquisition - TDR crash

GeForce Hotfix driver 350.05
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