GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.2

GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.2


how to install
requires ASI Loader


modloader.asi → add files in GTA San Andreas folder
modloader folder → add files in GTA San Andreas folder


Among the modloader folder. is an example.


What is it?

Mod Loader is an ASI Plugin for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that adds an extremely user-friendly and easy way to install and uninstall your modifications, without even messing around anything in your game installation.

The usage is simple, you just have to create one or more folders inside modloader directory and drop the mod contents there. It's done, you have installed your mod!

Just extract a mod content, you've just installed a mod.
Just delete the mod folder, you've just uninstalled a mod.
Do not replace ANY original file, never, really.
Data files mixing. Therefore you can for example have 70 handling.cfg files at modloader and they'll work perfectly fine.
It reads readme files in search for data lines for replacement.
Replace sound effects without bugs and artifacts!
Reloadable models. Just click new game or load game, very useful for modders.
And more, take a look at the readme file


GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.2
author LINK/2012

The game version GTA San Andreas 1.0 EU is now supported.
The data merger and overriden plugin is back up and running but even better.
Just like before, gta.dat, .ipl, .ide, handling.cfg, carmods.dat plants.dat, water.dat mergers and timecyc.dat & popcycle.dat overriders are supported...
Just like before, again, reading data lines from readme files are suppported (gta.dat, handling.cfg, carmods.dat, carcols.dat, veh_mods.ide, vehicles.ide, peds.ide).
Seeking our current goals, all those data files and readmes are refreshable in game except for gta.dat and it's friends .ipl and .ide.
Implemented carcols.dat merger and readme reader.
Implemented caching for mergeable data files so it does not need to merge every time the game loads.
Any custom timecyc is now loaded properly on SAMP.
Lazy loading of default.dat & gta.dat which allows a dynamic loading screen progress, fixing it flickering when there's few entries in gta.dat.
IPL and IDE files given to modloader don't need to be registered in gta.dat to work nor they need to be in the correct path.
Fixed the loader not creating the default plugin.ini file.
Fixed Mod Loader FXT hooks mistakenly relying on CLEO hooks.
Fixed the fixed COLFILE command which fixes the game's COLFILE gta.dat command being problematic with zero-sized collision files.


GTA SA Mod Loader v0.2.2 Hotfix 1
author LINK/2012

GTA Red Dead Revolver Wild West. beta

GTA Red Dead Revolver Wild West. beta

GTA Red Dead Revolver Wild West. beta
Still can not DL.

BMW M235i F22 2015 GTA SA

BMW M235i F22 2015 GTA SA

bravura.dff → replace files in gta3.IMG
bravura.txd → replace files in gta3.IMG

bravura.dff 3,410KB
bravura.txd 4,787KB











BMW M235i F22 2015 GTA SA
author wai

GTA SA "GTA V to SA - Effects v2"

GTA SA "GTA V to SA - Effects v2"
to download, go to youtube videos Link

Diablo From Diablo III GTA SA SKIN Mods

Diablo From Diablo III GTA SA SKIN Mods





Diablo From Diablo III GTA SA SKIN Mods
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