GTA SA Zombie Andreas 2.1

GTA SA Zombie Andreas 2.1

Zombie Andreas - a modification of the game "GTA: San Andreas", which completely changes the gameplay.
In the state there was a zombie apocalypse: Humans are trying to survive, gather in groups, bandits and war
at war with each other and try to kill all the zombies, and much more!

There are several game modes:

1) The subject line - where you have to play any of the Mike - a former detective, either Charles Johnson - the protagonist of the original SA.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

2) Survival - Are you a resident of a random, you appear in a random location with a random weapon with random things in
inventory, the main word in this mode - randomly. Here you can do all that in the story line, with only minor
exceptions: You can gather a group of up to 4 people, a generator of random missions and events (bandits, soldiers, survivors, farmers, police), your goal -
leave the state "GTA: San Andreas". You have to collect as much as possible all the useful (food, drugs, weapons, people team), then
We need to find a radio in one of the police stations in the parking lot, in the car. Then you need to come to one of the 10 points of salvation,
Rescuers call on the radio and thus escape from the state. The main feature of this mode is that every time you will
different history of salvation or death.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

3) Battle - Play as one side ("Survivors" or "Infected") in the battle for points.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

4) The mutation - changes the gameplay.
List of mutations:
1. The last man on earth - Except you do not have living people. There is also no ordinary zombie, only special.
2. The hunting party - Persistent attacks 4 EX hunters.
3. Lone Gunman - In this world of the people were just you and your gun.
4. The dangerous trio - Persistent attacks all three specials. infected.
5. Mode of war! - Mad war between all.
6. Aptechkopakalipsis - In the world there are no medicines.
7. Chainsaw Massacre - Of the weapons you have only a chainsaw.
8. The two of us! - Just you and your partner.
9. TAAANK! - Four of the tank at the same time, every minute.
10. Samurai - Because you only have weapons kata.
11. Realism - a real apocalypse. No radar indicated on the map. Damage from enemies increased. A small strip of lives. No slowing down.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

5) Madness - This mode is crazy! You can imagine the 20 tanks that are thrown in your facilities and equipment? Can you imagine 20 hunters, each of which wants you to jump? You can imagine
20 witches furious rush on you and on the people? Can you imagine them all together odnovremnno? If not, then you definitely need to play in this mode. You have 10 lives, when all will end - you lose.
Here you get a lot of fun.

Official team VKontakte -

Extras. graphics settings in the file "Graphics Config.cfg"

CONSERVATION OF PREVIOUS version does not work !!!

IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS XP, then the work ustanovochnik and modifications GUARANTEED!
You can try setting "Windows Installer Redistributable".

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Changes in version 2.1:

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue with the fact that the bodies were removed at random occurrence when the player was in the truck.
- Fixed a bug where a lifeguard boat died, and rescue continued.
- Removed one flying bronizhelet.
- By the end of the game modified information.
- Until corrected spelling.
- Isravlen bug in the mission "gas station"
- Fixed a bug with the military in the zone 69.
- Fixed a bug where to save in "Survival", the player threw a rescuer from the helicopter and sat down in his place.
- Fixed spawn endless war on the aircraft carrier.
- Fixed a bug with the dark interior.
- Fully Fixed a bug where it was impossible to search the car.
- Fixed a bug in mission "Order" when not killing Mike, Helena shot at the floor and not on a mission to promote.
- Fixed bug with hanging red screen after death.
- Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the rare actors and subsequent departure.

- Now, the music volume is adjusted in the game menu.
- Added random survivors on mashiinah.
- You can now be equipped, while in any truck. To do this, press the "C"
- Zombies are now able to drop you when you're low on health. (Number of health when you drop, depending on the complexity)
- Returned to adjust the brightness and even some display settings.
- Change the font.
- No dull atmosphere! Now, all bright and sunny.
- Returned dynamic shadows.
- Slightly changed the balance of the complexities of the game.
- Now, abandoned the car can be reversed, can burn, they may be the open door.
- Added separate file ext. graphics settings (Graphics Config.cfg)
- Added animation flight hunter.
- Witch, when you come to it, you will immediately hit and kick this deadly, but you can turn away from him.
- The new sniper rifle and the village.
- Updated and added new tips.
- Slightly reduced the frequency of spawning enemy factions.
- Now the damage depends on the level of zombies difficulty. So as if the zombies will beat you for a long time, then you will fall.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------


Author modification - HeadShooter

Helper and Tester version 2.1 - Sergey Makarov

Former Assistant - Philips_27

The author:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Skins zombies - bull.04, D.E.A.D
Model Hunter - Maulana Harun Arrasyid
Model witches - DarK_LorD
Model tank - Blackmore
Model backpack - Threeton
Models of bladed weapons - Gta_Gamer_BD, jaky_2008
Model M1 Garand, rifle M21 - Art29
De-energizing - maxonich, Omni

HD radar - yojo2
-------------------------------------------------- --------------

HD icons weapons - Zera, ErfoxMax
Icons of bladed weapons - DEAD
Localization - SanltdTeam
Modloader, scrlog, limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.asi - LINK / 2012

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Seeman and Alien - Cleo bibleotek
WidescreenFix - ThirteenAG
fastman92limitAdjuster - fastman92
Backpack Plugin - BoPoH
SkyGFX v2.5 - The Hero
Aerofix - Deji
Skygrad - Wesser

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

FPS De-Limiter - OJdoesIt
limit - Sergey81
NewOpcodes - DK22Pac
Mod Mix Sets - Junior_Djjr
SilentPatch, Extended Gang Wars - Silent

Aleksey_Move - For custom animations.
Flame - for Sa Tools Pack 2.0
Pozhertovavshim money: Sergey Brezdinyuk Vladislav Churkin, Bogdan Oliynyk, Andrew Doroshenko Alexander Serov.

All those who have played in the modification, leaving good reviews come into grupppu (, I wrote about the shortcomings, believed in us and supported!
And you, for that download our project!

All screenshots







GTA SA Zombie Andreas 2.1

GTA SA Wasteland BETA 1.5

GTA SA Wasteland BETA 1.5








Probably one of the most global mods for GTA San Andreas alive today got a new public beta build. The new assembly is radically different from the previous one, now it's a full card, not a stub of Plano.

Features of the new beta build

card of 16 square kilometers (4x4, exclusive only for this beta build);
modified zombie script just for this assembly;
4 are new car and a bit of new weapons;
New passersby;
2 Interior;
vendors with food and alcohol (only in the bar) and the one-who-lift-rage;
2 mission-schablonki (very raw, but igrabilnye)


Installing without changing the installation path. after installation copy the original folder or throw the AUDIO folder with the mod.

The interim beta build mod GTA Wasteland, the map is almost completely ready, but in spite of this the development of the assembly did not move since May this year. The 2.0 beta build will be presented another card, which worked out from the middle of the summer. Bethke 2.0 will not be soon, so for now be content with this.

GTA SA Wasteland BETA 1.5
author Black Stallion

GTA SA : The Spencer Estate from resident Evil 5 [ demo video ]

GTA SA : The Spencer Estate from resident Evil 5 [ demo video ]

want to show you my future video mode, more precisely my card envelope mansion Ozvella E. Spencer, one of the founders of the Umbrella Corporation in the universe Resident Evil.
At this point the card is ready for about 50%.

GTA SA : The Spencer Estate from resident Evil 5 [ demo video ]

SA x VC x LC - VC and LC in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

SA x VC x LC - VC and LC in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

here is a project have been working on the past couple of months.
shared a video about it in fastmans limit adjuster topic a while back and now finally ready for a public release.
In a couple of weeks wont really have much to work on it anymore, so figured might as well release it before it goes to waste.
do not like writing long posts so get straight to the point.

SA x VC x LC basically adds Vice City and Liberty City into the San Andreas map with the use of fastman92's limit adjuster.
In addition to adding VC and LC, have also created a new seafloor to cover the much larger map and there is now a temporary land addition north of Liberty City.
Maybe eventually will make something up there but for now its just there so that the LC cliffs do not just abruptly end.

There are no paths for VC and LC currently included.
wanted to mostly focus on getting a stable map build, eventually get paths done as well.
(Dkulin's mod already has paths and should be ready for release soon, so check him out.)

The mod works with an original main.scm, although have only tested the first couple of missions.
Since it doesn't change any of the original game files, don't see why it would not work throughout the whole story line.

Important Note:
do not intend to have this mod be competition for SOL/Underground.
We have two different goals.
SOL / Underground intends to create a much more immersive mod, while the intention of release is to provide modders with a base to build their own mods.


Media (Screenshots/Videos)

2 GTASAx_VCx_LCmap










Interior Testing(Cleo script)

Old test (Build 0.01)


SA x VC x LC - VC and LC in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Credits/Special Thanks:
fastman92 - Limit Adjuster
GTA: Liberty City Team - Use of GTA:LC map
OpenVice(NTAuthority) - Use of Vice City map
Silent - ASI Loader
_F_ - use of GTA VC cars Converted to SA
Kam - Kam's Max Scripts
Deniska - 3dmax script pack
x-men - 3dmax scripts/IMG Manager
Swoorup - COLRenamer(old program :p)
ZAZ - some of his CLEO mods were crucial for debugging/getting around the map.
X-Seti - original concept of combining GTA III era cities so he deserves a shout out :p


SA x VC x LC - VC and LC in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Download(Current Build: 0.03):

Important - You will need to have CLEO 4.0 installed if you want the included cleo scripts to work,

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Wasteland

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Wasteland
1 JLcM

2 HJ








Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Wasteland

Do you love zombie-games?
Do you love post-apocalypse world, destroyed cities and totally anarchy?
That all you can get in one!
Grand Theft Auto Wasteland is totally uncommercial unofical modification for famous game. So what is mod can give us?

Zombies, they really bite us ( not lik in typical zombis-mod), they got own sound effects and animation
Destroyed cities
Punks, Hannibal's, Mutants and other "good" guys
and much more.......


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Wasteland
author Black Stallion
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